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STOP! 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Create Your Next Article

Tips for articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more

Content Marketing is a great way to create online visibility, build traffic and a list: fast. To do so you want to create multiple small samples of your expertise, also know as articles.

Whether you have never written an article before or you have written hundreds, here are 7 things you need to know before you write your next article:

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Write Your Next Article

1) You can do this: If you can write a seven item grocery list, you can create a 7 tips article that will bring you more prospects, publicity and profits. Make a list of 7 tips for your niche and then add about 60 words for each tip. That’s it.

2) Your English teacher is not here: And if you are as old as I am, he or she may even be dead. No offense intended to English teachers. It’s just that so many of my students and clients freeze up as they think about writing articles as they remember the papers sent back to them in school all marked up with a red pen.

3) Write like you talk: Think of it as listening to radio station WLYT — Write Like You Talk. Writing conversationally is easier and it helps your prospect to begin to know, like and trust you and desire the solutions you have available for them.

4) Include benefits in the title: Make sure you ask yourself what is the benefit of reading this article? What will my reader be able to do after reading this article that they cannot do now? Include the answer to those questions in your article title.

5) Make your article easy to read: Break your article up into easily digestible chunks of info. A list of tips makes this easy. If you are not creating a tips article, include sub-headings in your article. This makes it easier for your reader/prospect to flow through your article and into your Call to Action.

6) Make your Call to Action a no brainer: Make sure you are offering something in your CTA that is a no brainer based on the article your prospect just read. The best offers are connected to the article and offer a small sample of one of your products or services.

7) Your article is just the beginning: While it is important to write great quality articles, there is so much more to this than simply creating the article. You can use your articles to build a strong online presence, drive huge waves of traffic, build a highly qualified list, and even create multiple information products.

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