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How to Create Consistently Profitable Content

Did you know most people who try to create consistently profitable content fail miserably? It’s true. Some even give up!

Here’s the problem you face: many falsely believe you have to spend 2–3 or more a day creating content. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Luckily for you there’s now a solution to creating consistently profitable content in just minutes a day. It’s the strategic use of Genius Templates that make content creation “fill-in-the-blank” simple, fast, easy, and profitable.

Here’s just a few of the advantages of using Genius Templates:

  • Limitless ideas so you can get started right away which means no more writer’s block ever!
  • “Fill-in-the-Blanks” from your expertise so your content creation is made easy which means you become a better expert without doing the time consuming research!
  • Finish content in minutes instead of hours so you can spend your time on the rest of your live which means no more being chained to your computer!

And you don’t have to just take my word for it. How about if I help you prove it to yourself?

Here’s a Genius Template overview called “The 3 Mistakes Genius Template”:

TITLE: “Are You Making Any of these 3 [painful adjective] [niche topic] Mistakes?”

[niche topic] Mistake #1

[name the mistake]

[name what to do instead]

Do this 2 more times for mistakes 2 & 3 and you’ve got a great piece of content in just minutes.

Genius Templates like this one are the main reason my students, members, and I can be so prolific and still have a life!

You can discover so much more about Genius Templates at — you can even get 3 fresh content
ideas at the top of the page. While visiting be sure to check out the details on all the Genius Templates available in the sidebar 🙂

Until next time:
Go Use This Stuff!

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