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I Created this “BONUS Tip Stealth Call to Action” Genius Template Just for You


I Created this “BONUS Tip Stealth Call to Action” Genius Template Just for You

Check out this Stealth Call to Action

I created this “BONUS Tip Call to Action” Genius Template just for you because this is where so many people get hung up with knowing what to say.

Many people simply don’t include a Call to Action because they don’t know what to say.

The biggest mistake I see made is announcing the Call to Action in a way that states:

“The content is now over and you can go away.”

What to Do Instead

Instead of making it obvious, create a Stealth Call to Action that feels like part of the content… because it is!

Example: The Bottom Line Stealth Call to Action

Here’s the Genius Template for the end of any kind of content:

Bottom Line?
: State the [most valuable action] to take. And you can get started with [most valuable action] with the [name of lead magnet or product] when you visit [link]

You’ll always know what to say to create a profitable Stealth Call to Action in articles, videos, podcasts, emails, and much, much more!

PLUS both The Bottom Line Stealth Call to Action and the BONUS Tip Line Stealth Call to Action can be sent as a “stand-alone” email or published as a “stand-alone” social media update on any platform.

You can get your copy of the “BONUS TIP Stealth Call to Action Genius Template” I created just for you when you visit here.

You’ll get the Genius Template, the Mini-Workshop Video Training, the Genius Checklist, and examples of how it’s been used it in the wild.

Let’s “templatize your enterprise!”

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