Congratulations on wanting to make a difference!

I get it. The notion of promoting yourself, your content, and your resources does not come easy for you. I want to help. So I’ve collected my top articles and podcasts to get you started, and added a selection of must have tools and resources you need to promote with grace.

I’ve chosen these articles and podcasts to help you get started…

3 Steps to Get You Started

The 4 Slide Genius Template allows you to create multiple videos, you don’t have to be on camera, and you’re simply creating 4 slides.

And if you have used the Create Genius Templates, then you’ve already created your content. Now it’s time to convert it into multiple marketing messages.

Promote becomes simple and even graceful with. these Repurpose & Promote Genius Templates.

As my mentor Tom Antion once told me:

“Use them all and you’ll get very well known very fast.”

Are you someone who just likes to go for it and get all the resources at once?

How about 7+ Create Genius Templates, 7+ Promote Genius Templates, and 7+ Profit Genius Templates? With more added every month!