Content Creators make a difference. Your content changes lives. Sometimes saves lives. 

You never know what hangs in the balance…

So my goal is to make making a difference as simple and easy as possible for you. Custom Genius Templates are the “magic button” you’ve been looking for to make all of your online tasks “fill-in-the-blank” easy!

Each Custom Genius Template includes:

  •  30 Minute Video Training
  • Genius Template Checklist
  • Copy & Paste
  • Genius Templates in the WILD: Examples from Jeff, his students, and his colleagues
  • Genius Template Audio Training
  • Genius Template Training Transcript

100% easy. 100% simple. 100% profitable. 100% doable!

Your Best Deal is to get the Complete Set below by clicking on the box. You can also see all the Custom Genius Templates you’re getting below. Plus we add brand new Custom Genius Templates every month! And if we don’t have one you need, let us know and we’ll create it! Perhaps even name it after you!

Or you can check out the list below and get your Custom Genius Templates separately, one at a time.

Either way let’s make your online life “fill-in-the-blanks” easy, simple, and profitable!

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